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Video from ADV7604 HDMI section

Question asked by tomliu1923 on Aug 4, 2016
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I am having trouble with video from ADV7604 HDMI section.

The video source comes from PC HDMI port with 1080p60 RGB.


The output format has configured as SDR 4:4:4.

I think the decimation mechanism should be bypass because both input and output are 4:4:4.

The HDMI transmitter of this application has configured as RGB in/RGB out.


Here is the connection diagram and the video result.


You can notice that some pixels of the color line had been decimated or something.



But it is good if the video decodes from the analog input.

As comparison , here is the connection diagram for the analog input.



I am wondering is this about HDMI decimation?

Is there any condition to trigger the decimation on HDMI input?

Is there anything I should check to fix this unexpected result?


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