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AD9959 USB Programming

Question asked by rancohen2000 on Aug 4, 2016
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I'm trying to program the AD9959 EVB using VB6 on Windows 7 and I have some problems.


I have AD9959 EVB and I can program it using the EVB software (.exe) that I have download it from the website.

this means that the drivers are OK and the EVB is recognized under windows 7 64bit.


I have download the source code from the website and the application doesn't recognize the board.

I notice that the driver of the ".exe" application is different from the source code driver.

The ".exe" application is referring to driver "ADI_CYUSB_USB4.dll" and the source code driver is referring to "Ezusb.sys".


I have search the website and found code example to work with "ADI_CYUSB_USB4.dll".

I have found some code to work with "ADI_CYUSB_USB4.dll" in those pages:


AD5933 and AD5934 evaluation board software commands


I did the same on AD9959 EVB and it's not working.

this is my program code:


    Public Const VRSMBus As Short = &HDE
    Public Const VRREAD As Short = 1
    Public Const VRWRITE As Short = 0

    Private Const DeviceAddress as Long = &HD

    Public HexFilePath As String


    Public DataBuffer(20) As Byte

    Public Handle As Integer


       Dim Number_Boards As Short
        Dim PartPath(127) As Byte
        Dim VID As Integer
        Dim PID As Integer

       Dim err_code as integer

       Dim DataOut as integer


       VID = 1110 '0x0456
        PID =  60965 '0xEE25 YOUR BOARD PID



        err_code= Search_For_Boards(VID, PID, Number_Boards, PartPath(0))
        err_code= Connect(VID, PID, PartPath(0), Handle)


err_code= Vendor_Request(Handle, VRSMBus, DeviceAddress, CInt(256 * DataOut + AddrPtr), VRWRITE, 0, 0)



The functions "Search_For_Boards" and "Connect are working well but I can't write to device using "Vendor_Request".

I'm not sure I'm using the "Vendor_Request" correct.


what is the DeviceAddress? should it be &hD as in the example of AD5933?

does any one have good source code for AD9959 EVB that can run on WIN7?

is there any other example for ADI_CYUSB_USB4.dll?