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RX Freeze when disabling TX

Question asked by cfauvel on Aug 4, 2016
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When using the iioscope with the pre-build image for KC705 & FMCOMMS2 evaluation boards, we encounter an issue. The setup is as follow:

- Power up KC705

- Load FPGA and image with the run.tcl script (XMD)

- Open a new plot and select Voltage 0 & Voltage 1

- Just load a FIR filter (eg. LTE20MHz) and Enable FIR

- Use the FDD mode and leave all parameters to default settings

- Samples are received and plotted !

- Open the Debug page

     - Read the register 0x02

     - Write to the register 0x02 (clear bit D7)

     - Plot freeze, there is no more RX samples

     - Write to the register 0x02 (clear bit D6)

     - Plot restart but RXFIR seems disabled

     - Write to the register 0x02 (set bit D6 or D7)

     - Plot freeze

     - Write to the register 0x02 (set bit D7 or D6)

     - Plot restarts and everything is fine


It this a normal behaviour ? How can I fix this issue ? According to the datasheet and the reference manual, it seems that just writing to the registers 0x02 is required to enable/disable TX channels.


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