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ADE7878 - 3-wire delta configuration

Question asked by on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by nchandra

We are using the ADE7878 for pholyphase metering. Nevertheles, we would like to predict measurements for 3-phase delta and wye systems.

I couldn't find any reference for the circuit implementation dedicated to delta configuration for ADE7878.


Is it possible to use the ADE7880 circuit recomendation, as presented in UG-356 (page 11)?3-phase 3-wire Delta Config - ADE7878.png


- voltage phase B is monitored by VN channel;

- VB channel is grounded to GND (reference);

- phase B current is monitored normally by IBP and IBN channels.


Could you please confirm us if  this is a suitible implementation to ADE7878?