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ADV7619 : Question about I2C

Question asked by AkiraO on Aug 4, 2016
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I received question about ADV7619 from our customer. Could you please support me?

According to the datasheet and UG-237, we can change I2C address of ADV7619 by following procedure;

"The main I2C address can be set to 0x98 or 0x9A. On power-up or after a reset, the I2C address is set to 0x98 by default. The address can be changed to 0x9A by pulling up the VS/FIELD/ALSB pin and issuing the I2C command SAMPLE_ALSB."

In this case, there are two ADV7619 of same I2C address on an I2C bus before changing the I2C address of one ADV7619. Are there any problem like that case?


And, when we send SAMPLE_ALSB command;

Do the two ADV7619s output ACK or only one ADV7619 output ACK?


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