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Problem importing VCO table into ADIsimPLL

Question asked by NeilAA on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2016 by NeilAA

Hi All.

I've just started using ADIsimPLL.........Great Program !  However I am trying unsuccessfully to use a VCO model ( table

style ) that I created using the VCO library editor.

At the VCO Selection stage the program actually proposes my VCO ( the only one running at 122GHz ! ), but when I say

OK it is not accepted. What looks strange to  me is that the fields Fmin and Fmax both show 120GHz, which could be why

it is not accepted ( even though ADIsimPLL suggested it ).

However my tuning table actually goes from 121.9GHz to 123.1GHz, so I can't explain that.

I am attaching the .pll file, plus a screenshot of the VCO selection and the VCO tuning table in the library. Any ideas ?


Thanks,    NeilAA