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Is there a way to edit/modify the library algorithms in SigmaStudio?

Question asked by w5cdt on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by w5cdt

I need to control the various parameters in the Noise Gate and Compressor library modules using an external pot.

I understand how to read the pot position data in SigmaStudio...but the Gate and Compressor library modules have no

port pin(s) to allow external contol of many of their parameters.


As I see it there are two possible ways to do this:


1. Edit the library algorithms to include external parameter control via new symbol pins.

2. Figure out the protocol used by SigmaStudio to control these parameters in real time via the USB link to the 1701 board and add a simple microcontroller to mimic SigmaStudio parameter change commands to the 1701 board.


Any help appreciated.