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AD9371, UG-992

Question asked by eTa on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by padmaram

AD9371, UG-992 page 102 Figure 44 tenable_rise_to_ACK timeframe conflicts with table 42.

On figure 44 the airtime has dark grey areas that I believe shows the off time. So If I want to switch from Rx to Tx channel will the Tx channel start max 4usec after Tx enable (or Rx turn off)? And in this case even I used tenable_rise_to_fall and/or tenable_fall_to_rise at its minimum, 10usec, what will be the air time? 6usecs, 8usecs? In such a work flow is there a special SYNC between Rx and Tx channels?

UG-992 page 157; "When selecting a profile, note that Rx1 and Rx2 use the same profile;.....The profile dictates how the digital filters, analog filters, clock rates, and clock dividers are configured in the device" From this paragraph what I understand is Rx1 and RX2 can not work/setup independently. Is this correct? Are the LO setting of the receivers are a part of this profile settings? Can I set different LO frequencies for Rx1 and Rx2 at the  same instant?