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GPIO bf537

Question asked by Josh537 on Aug 5, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2011 by BFProgrammer

I'm trying to use some pins as gpio on my bf537 ez-kit lite.  All I really need to do is configure 5 as outputs, and turn each of these on and off, one at a time, and then use some 13 or so other pins as inputs.  I don't really even need the gpio pins to interrupt at all, I just need to know how to set them up and how to send out and read values from them.  I've been all over in the documentation, but I can't find anywhere it really talks about gpio, other than just how to set pins as gpio, never how to read or write to them.  What are the commands for setting pins as input/output and writing and reading values from them?


These commands and how to use them or some reference to where it answers these questions in the documentation would be great.