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Can the HDMI infoframe package data be read back in MUX mode in ADV7626? Are they reliable?

Question asked by Leonz on Aug 3, 2016
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We are using ADV7626 in our product, we set path2 (RX 2 to TxB) in MUX mode. As per HW manual, it says the incoming HDMI data is not decoded and is routed directly to HDMI TX, only the clock frequency of the incoming clock is available via read back.


My question is: can the HDMI infoframe packet data (AVI, Vsif etc...) from the HDMI Rx Infoframe module be read back in MUX mode ? Are they valid or reliable? 

We are currently reading the AVI packet data and Vsif packet data from the Rx infoframe module (in Mux mode) and they are used for video process, we are seeing the data being updated in real time, but not sure if it is correct way to go. The HW document of ADV7626 doesn't tell the details how the ADV7626 work in MUX mode, so I bring the question up here.


Your any comments and advice are very welcome!


Leon Zhang