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MATLAB/Simulink ZedBoard + FMCOMMS3 RX Issue

Question asked by aalabi11 on Aug 3, 2016
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I am currently working on a project to demodulate 915 MHz FSK data at 10Mbps, and I am using the Avnet ZedBoard and the FMCOMMS3 evaluation board that uses the AD9361 as an SDR to pick up the signal. I am doing all of my demodulation in MATLAB (data transmited to my PC over ethernet), using the simulink ZedBoard FMCOMMS 2/3/4 Receiver block from the Communications System Toolbox Support Package for Xilinx(R) Zynq-Based Radio.


So the signal comes in well and the data is demodulated, but every 200 microseconds, the data is represented as all ones. It is like there is a refresh or a buffer overload and the data is blocked for a few samples, then resumes perfectly after that. Is there a buffer limit that I need to adjust? Or some sort of refresh that happens internally? I have tried burst mode to no avail. I am sampling at 50 MS/s with 5 samples per frame.