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Zedboard Headphone Audio Not Working

Question asked by JFL_AD on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by larsc

Tried running the following images for the Analog Devices FMCOMMS2 development board: 2015_R2-2016_07_26.img and 2015_R1-2015_12_22.img

For each image, based on earlier posts, I downloaded adau1761_zed.state and ran the following commands:

alsactl restore -f adau1761_zed.state
aplay -r 44100 ./Music/Epoq.wav

which returned:

Playing WAVE './Music/Epoq.wav'   : Signed 16 bit  {and so on}

I did not, however, hear any audio out of the headphone or line jacks.

Is there a config file that I need to edit? I am an advanced beginner in Linux.