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On the AD9914, are the clocks for the ramp section and the DDS core the same?

Question asked by edward.v on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by KennyG

I am having trouble understanding the clock signals used in the DDS section and the ramp generation section of AD9914. Figure 30 of the data sheet shows "DDS_CLK" going into the DDS accumulator. The equations for "FTW" and "fout" imply that the frequency of DDS_CLK is "fSYSCLK", and my device behaves this way (I use 3.2 GHZ). But in the digital ramp section on page 24 it says that the DDS clock runs at 1/24 of fSYSCLK. Do the clocks in Figure 37 and Figure 30 have different rates?