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Design of HMC1060 for HMC830 power

Question asked by jhshin on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by DonY

Hi all,

My customer designed a PLL board using HMC830 and HMC1060.

But, she has a problem that is randomly degraded the phase noise of HMC830 for a short time.

She has a few questions about HMC1060 design for HMC830 power.

1. What function is the resister(R39, R40) on VR1 and VR2 output in HMC830 EVB schematic ?

    If the resister is removed is there any problem ?

2. In the above schematic, if she uses in combination with VR2 and VR3 by connecting between JP3 and JP4.

    Is it possible application ?

3. She found out  that inactivation of PTAT mode is recommended in the following configuration.

    If she used PTAT mode in the following configuration Is there any problem ?


Have they may have some relevance to the above phase noise error ?

Thanks in advance.