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two adau1701 in serial mode with controller

Question asked by vasilius on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by DaveThib


Now works fine for such a scheme:




But i want to use one more ADAU1701, and instead ADC input use digital input and dsp power of second dsp :




audio path:

1 analog  in to adc IC1 and after go to digi Out

2 from IC1 digi Out goes to IC2 digi IN and after go to digi OUT for stm32

3 from digi OUT IC2 to STM32 and after back from stm32

4 from STM32 back to IC2 for DAC

5 out to analog from DAC IC2


The main difference from my working schema in using another ADAU instead ADC IN, and clock it with I2S LCRK+BCLK from STM32.

The MCLK go from stm32 to both ADAU. 


IC3 master

IC2 slave

The main doubt in IC1 - if IC1 is slave and IC2 and clocked both by stm32 - can IC1 send and IC2 recieve directly?


Thank yo to answer