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AD9956 Frequency tuning word delivery

Question asked by joshua.alper on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by KennyG

Hello, I am using the AD9956 to generate a frequency that will control an acousto-optical defelctor in a microscope set up that I have. We will be generating frequencies in the ~50Mhz range, and we are controlling data sent to the board through an FPGA running labview VI's. My question is this:


In a previous design of the same system, the AD9852 evaluation board was used. The AD9852 has individual pin outs for each data and address bit, as well as for rd/wr, pmode, etc. The AD9956 board does not have these pins. From what I've read in the documentation, the AD9956 has the ability to have 8 unique Frequency Tuning Words which are sent through pins 21-23 (respectively P0,P1,P2). How specifically is this information sent, assuming I operate in Single-Tone Mode? Are the bits sent sequentially across the 3 pins, so data byte 1 maps to P0, data byte 2 to P1, 3 to P2, then 4 back to P0, etc? Or does the board send all data and address bytes across P0. Moreover, I imagine this method requires a synchronization clock as the DDS reads data from the FPGA. Does anyone know how this would work, or how it might be programmed? Thank you!