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Obtaining DMA channel handle for buffer flush

Question asked by dirkjanb on Aug 5, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by dirkjanb

I had a question.


I have initialized a PPI driver for inbound data using a circular DMA buffer. Now, I would like to stop dataflow, and then restart from the beginning of the circular buffer.


I would like to use something like

adi_dma_Control ( Channel_Handle, ADI_DMA_FLUSH, NULL );


and then hand the circular buffer to my PPI driver again. The problem is obtaining the channel handle to execute this command.


If I am correct, only the device manager knows the Channel_Handle of my PPI driver, right?


I can only ask the device manager for the Channel_ID of my PPI driver, not for the Channel_Handle itself. And also, I can not ask the device manager to flush the buffer for me. How do I solve this in a nice way, without messing with the device manager?


Thanks in advance,


Dirk-Jan van den Broek