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cldp Error: flash is not large enough to fill

Question asked by sarahweefolk on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by Kader.M

I'm using an ADSP-BF701 with external SPI flash (PN: MX25L3206E), and an ICE1000. I've rebuilt the bf706_w25q32bv_dpia project provided in Analog Devices\ADSP-BF706_EZ-KIT_Mini-Rel1.1.0\BF706_EZ-Kit_MINI\Blackfin\Examples\Device_programmer for the BF701 and can run it successfully on my hardware from CCES. When I attempt to use the cldp to program my flash from the command line I receive the following error:


cldp -proc ADSP-BF701 -emu 1000 -cmd prog -erase all - driver "C:\Analog Devices\ADSP-BF706_EZ-KIT_Mini-Rel1.1.0\BF706_EZ-Kit_MINI\Blackfin\Examples\Device_programmer\Debug\bf706_w25q32bv_dpia.dxe" -format hex -file "C:\testWorkspaces\controller_blinky\Debug\controller_blinky.ldr"


Error: flash is not large enough to fill

2070 bytes starting from offset 0xD4850000



I've updated the name, manufacturer name, and manufacturer ID, and device ID in the flash_info struct in w25q32bv.c to reflect my new flash part. What does this error mean? What am I doing wrong?


Thanks! ^ _^