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Distortion on Audio EZ-Extender inputs

Question asked by glennk on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by DaveThib

I am using a 21469 EZ-Kit Lite with an audio EZ-Extender plugged in. When I run the "21469 AD1939 C Sampled-Based Talkthru 192 kHz" example, sometimes the audio passes through ok and sometimes it shows distortion on the inputs for CODECs B and C. CODEC A always seems to work without a problem.


I've tried two different audio EZ-Extender boards with the same results. When I click Reset and then Run multiple times, it is uncertain as to whether I will see the distortion. However, if I click Halt and then Run, it will not change whether it is distorted or not. 


The problem seems to be in the inputs for CODECs B and C, because I can route the input from CODEC A to the outputs for CODECs B and C and I don't see distortion. However, if I route the inputs from CODECs B and C to the output for CODEC A, I will see the distortion.


What is the reason for this behavior and why does it change?