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Reduce carrier amplitude for AD9361

Question asked by mukeshkumar on Aug 1, 2016
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In alert state (under FDD mode), I have a carrier amplitude of around -65 dbm at TX LO frequency of 2.4 Ghz for AD9361 which is connected with Altera Sockit Cyclone V. Because of this high carrier amplitude on transmission side, it mixed with my transmitting buffer and I am getting a  sine functionality  on receiving side.  I am transmitting a custom buffer by using hdl refrence design "hdl_2015_r1" and using two Ad9361 boards, one for transmission and other for reception.


I have attached  a screenshot of the frequency response under  alert state in FDD mode with TX LO frequency 2.4 Ghz and sampling frequency of 30.72 msps with 10 db attenuation. I am using ADI IIO for the configuration of AD9361.


So  could you please  tell me how can i reduce this  carrier amplitude without further increasing the attenuation?