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AD9361 Average signal power update interval?

Question asked by freezees on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by sripad

Dear ADI



1. Is RX sample rate = symbol rate at RXFIR ouput ?

2. Is the length of "power measurement duration" equal to "power measurement update interval"?

    For example, if Power Meas Duration = 64, will my power measurement result update every 64 RX sample   



If the above two are true, then I have the following question.


    During AGC state 5,Gain lock exit count running at CLKRF(61.44MHz in my case) and is equal to 8x2=16

    Does that mean gain will unlock if the measured power exceed the threshold longer than 16 x 1/61.44 = 0.26 us?

    My Power Meas in State 5 = 256 , which means power value update every (256 x 1/61.44)=4.16us?

    It's weird to me that timeout for gain unlock is much shorter than power value update interval, I'm confused.


the following is my setup

ADC clock=491.52MHz

HB3 = decimated by 2

HB2 = decimated by 2

HB1 = decimated by 2

RXFIR = decimated by 1


thank you~