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ADV7842 CVBS S-vide color issue

Question asked by chentommy on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by chentommy

I used ADV7842 with 128MB DDR in CVBS and S-video.

<Problem 1>:

I can see the yellow color covered on the white bar.

The symptom only happens in the colorbar. It's easier to see in the white bar.

In CVBS, it's disappeared if 3D-comb filter and TBC off.

In S video, it can't disappear even TBC off.

<Problem 2>:

In the video, it also can see the ripple noise.

If 3D-comb filter/TBC off, it'll also disappear.


Can I try any register to solve it? What's the problem?

Does it relate to LTI, CTI?