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Not able to receive signal in TDD mode by using AD9361

Question asked by batraaman on Jul 31, 2016
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I am using AD9361 (ARradio) which is connected with Altera Sockit Cyclone V. I am configuring the AD9361 with ADI IIO. By using ADI IIO i am able to send and receive the buffer (under fpga settings) correctly but as i shifted to TDD mode i only receive noise even with same configurations(sample rate, carrier frequency, gain) as in FDD. I also have not changing anything on transmitting side.


Following are the steps that i performed to shift to fdd-:


1. After verifying the received signal in FDD mode, i first shift to TDD mode by selecting TDD  in ADI IIO and then click on save settings.

2. Then, I adjust the carrier frequency and sampling frequency as same in FDD and select the RX mode under Ensm.


With this configuration i only receive noise instead of signal. So, could you please tell me why i am not able to receive my signal in TDD mode? Do i have to change some more settings in ADI IIO for TDD mode?