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EEG: Replacing AD620 with lower power In-Amp

Question asked by prim on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by Emman.A



There is a lot of material online about building an EEG sensor using the good old AD620. However I would like my board to be battery powered (3.3V if possible but I can go up to 3.5V). So I can't use the AD620 anymore.


I found a few other solutions: AD8226, AD8422 and AD8237.


The AD8422 seems to outperform (lower noise and higher CMRR) the AD8226 but requires 3.5V.

My problem is with the AD8237: since it has a different architecture, I don't know how to compare it with the two others. I am very interested in this In-Amp, especially because of the RFI filters.


Thank you for your help!