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Auto EQ Update

Question asked by SteveGnome on Jul 31, 2016
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I'm curious if there are any plans to update the Auto EQ function within sigma studio. I like the functionality this tool provides, and the core function seems to be accurate and work well. But as an overall tool I have some issues with it's robustness. It might throw exceptions that I either just ignore and continue, or it breaks my project entirely with no way to recover. The later being the worse situation and it happens to be the one i'm stuck in.


  1. The MLSSA file import is very stringent on formatting. Once you know the formatting you can write up a script and you're off to the races. But why so stringent??
  2. I cannot find a template for the Impulse Response import to build a conversion script off of.
  3. I have made previous post about exceptions being thrown when you load in a project that uses a freq response file instead of impulse response, and the system has some variable that is uninitialized that's associated with the impulse response. It continues to work if i ignore the exception. I can post the report if needed.
  4. If I change the location of my MLSSA freq response files the project will fail to load and sigma studio will crash. I do not have any way to change the directory or to point the system to the files location.  I went so far as to open the project documents in a text editor and change the location of the files by hand, but now sigma studio just hangs and then errors out and closes.


#4 is by far my biggest concern. My project is broken and I am unable to recover from it after performing a simple and common operation in development. I have made post before about some of the issues above and have received very little response from the Sigma team. I like the platform you all have put so much time into and I have built some great projects with it, I would really appreciate it if i could get some insight into some of these issues. I'm sure others would also.