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Why no RX QEC cali be executed before TX QEC calibration?

Question asked by CDRFT Employee on Jul 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by sripad

Hi, My ADI Friend:

I have a question about the relationship & sequence of the RX QEC & TX QEC:

In my point of view :

I think AD9361 will ulitize RX Channel (or any internal RX loopback channel as AD9371)

to do the TX QEC cali, So I think the RX QEC calibration should be exectued sucessfully before TX QEC cali;

But when I read the API and SPI script, I found the recommend way is just to do the RX RF-DC&BB-DC calibration

firstly, then do the TX QEC, finally the API & SPI script enable the RX QEC tracking when the TX QEC cali was finished(see below pic);

So my question is if we do not execute RX QEC cali before TX QEC cali, how can we guarantee the performance of TX QEC?