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Question asked by tomo23 on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by DaveThib

Hi..I'm a newbie in this field. My name is Tomo Ong.


We're planning to make a DSP car sound processor using this ADAU144x (or better)

And we would like to custom some of the parts if possible.

For example :

8 channel stereo output in full range

4 channel aux input

1 Digital TOSLiNk input


I need a minimal 1/6 octave crossover selectable 6 to 36 dB/octave.

60 bands Graphic Equalizer +/- 12 dB, also with a Time Alignment 0.01ms resolution per output channel.


Also please include 60 bands GEQ +/- 12 dB per channel  in whole INPUT.

With requirement :

Independent Level Adjustment and muting in the Input and Output channel.


Actually I dont really familiar with this electronical components. So if possible please help me by giving some advice about this material, or what's the best board to use (or chip/IC..etc)


Thank you very much.