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Using more than 4 audio outputs on the ADSP-SC584 EZ-Board

Question asked by twacks on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by DaveThib

Hi everyone,


This problem has challenged me for the whole week and despite reading through the whole documentation (datasheet, hardware reference) of the ADSP-SC584 and the ADAU1962A DAC, I cannot figure out how to fix my code to make this work.

I am using the "ADC DAC Playback" example program as a reference to develop my own solution. I noticed that in the initiatilization function Adau1962aInit(), it was only possible to map only the DAC serial data input ports to two channels of the SPORT (primary and secondary). This would mean that it is only possible to have 4 audio channels at the output (2x2) in I2S mode (DSDATA1 and DSDATA2 in this case).
Fair enough, the solution would then be to configure the DAC's driver to use TDM instead of I2S. That's where my problems start. I couldn't seem to make this work by solely uncommenting the "#define TDM_MODE" in the first place (which should enable 4 audio channels per sport half channel). I couldn't hear anything on the analog out connectors even by just copying each byte of the ADC buffer to the DAC buffer. Is there something I omitted in the process?
Then assuming I fixed this, I suppose I should allocate DSDATA1 and DSDATA2 to the SPORT half primary and secondary channels respectively to get audio outputs 1 to 8 to work (according to the p.22 of the ADAU1962A datasheet)?


Thanks for your help!