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upgrading hdl-hdl_2014_R2 from vivado 14.2 to vivado 15.1

Question asked by harikrishnan on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by AdrianC

I downloaded hdl-hdl_2014_R2  (for ZC706 and fmcommsz2) from Github  and build this in Vivado 14.2 and it worked fine. Now i want to upgrade it Vivado 15.1. I upgraded ipcores  by vivado 15.1 and after that it showed "all ip cores up to date". Then i did synthesis and it is showing lot of errors



Please help me in solving this problem.

please note : I want hdl-hdl_2014_R2 to be converted to Vivado 15.1 and cannot use any other hdl versions in github