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SDRAM Read Optimization - what is the boundary?

Question asked by on Jul 28, 2016
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I'm trying to implement SDRAM optimization on the SHARC. I'm using it now but the data is small and not near the bank boundaries. From the SHARC Reference Manual:

> Read optimization should not be enabled while reading at the external bank boundaries. For example, if SDMODIFY = 1, then 32 locations in the boundary of the external banks should not be used.


What I'm guessing is that in the .LDF file, I would define 4 memory segments that start and end on the proper addresses. The word I'm hung up on is "in the boundary." Does that mean the last 32 locations of the segment or the last 16 of one segment and then the first 16 of the next segment?


Also, how does this apply to 16- vs. 32-bit SDRAM?