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AD5933 Eval Board Questions on Calibrating and etc

Question asked by KimSH on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by Snorlax

Hi guys,


I am experimenting on the AD5933 Evaluation Board and I have faced some struggles in finding the answers and idea behind the board. I have searched online, but there wasn't too much information on it.

1) What is the value of the current that is going into the input? (Or do I have to calculate the current from Ohm's Law as it uses 3.3 V and I choose the resistor value or does it have a fixed current that the Evaluation Board already expects).

2) How do you calibrate using the Resistor and Capacitor Parallel Circuit setting on the software? I know how to calibrate using the Resistor Only and I have tested a RC Parallel Circuit on this setting and works well, but would it be more suitable to use the RC Parallel setting on this particular circuit?

3) How accurate is the Real and Imaginary values of the AD5933 that it collects? I tested a resistor and saved the document from the software and it shows no phase change, but the software collected varying Imaginary values so I have a feeling it is wrong and maybe broken(?). Do you have any recommendations why it is like this?

4) On the calibrating procedure, I saw a few equations relating to the Zmin, Zmax, RFB, and such. I tried using them and kind of makes sense, but what do they mean and what is their purpose in depth? Also, on the board itself, I only use the RFB and Z pins, but what is the purpose of the C1, C2, C3, T1, T2, and other pins?


I thank you for your time and support.