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ADIS16480 Yaw angle drifts related to Pitch, Roll angle

Question asked by quanmp on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by quanmp

Hi, I am using a ADIS16480BMLZ, and recently I have got a weird problem with this device's output signal. For detail, we have been making a 3D freely-rotating simulator and using IMU for attitude determination. In some practical tests, we realized that the value of Yaw angle has bias which is related to Roll and Pitch angle.

For example, when we fix Yaw and Roll, rotate Pitch only, the value of Yaw angle should be constant at zero. However, instead, Yaw value is proportional to Pitch angle. The ratio is about 4 degree in Yaw for 10 degree in Pitch. The same thing happens when we fix Yaw and Pitch to rotate Roll. And it seems that, Yaw angle bias is proportional to the angle between X-Y plane and horizontal plane. The bias is too high for mechanical calibration, therefore, I am quite sure that it is not a mechanical problem but a problem of IMU itself.

Please, give me some suggestion to overcome this. Thanks a lot for any help.