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Low frequency operation of HMC536

Question asked by Bro-veloper on Jul 27, 2016
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I have a requirement for a switch that works down to a 10kHz. I am looking at the HMC536MS8G or HMC536LP2 but there is no typical and power de-rated data or graphs for IL, IP3, P1dB, max RF input to show the performance between 9kHz and 1MHz.


The reason I ask is that power de-rating of IP3, P1DB, and max RF input can be very significant for RF switches between 10kHz and 1MHz (typically on the order of -20 to -25 dB less than specs given for frequencies above 10MHz) and I would need to know this information before selecting the HMC536 part. I would like to use this Analog Devices but without this information I would need to select a competitor's part since their datasheet provides graphs of IP3, P1DB and max RF which I need. If you can provide data that would be very helpful.


Thank you