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adi_dev_Open returns 0x00060003

Question asked by AlT on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2011 by PrasanthR


I'm new to the Blackfin/VisualDSP++ environment. I've ported code that was used on an earlier product to a new board. I need to use the UART interface on a Blackfin 537 processor. I'm getting a returned value of 0x00060003 from my call to adi_dev_Open(...). If I ignore the 0x0006 part, the remainder shows up as error code ADI_DEV_RESULT_NO_MEMORY. I had gotten the same error code when I attempted to open an SPI device.


I also tried to call the open function independently of the original but get the same result. Here's the calling statement:


        u32 result = adi_dev_Open(devMGRHandle, &ADIUARTEntryPoint, UART_DEV0, NULL, &dhUART,
                                ADI_DEV_DIRECTION_BIDIRECTIONAL, NULL, dcbMGRHandle,


I've read through the uart-specific driver document. There is a general statement about macros being available to size the amount of base memory and/or the amount of incremental memory required to suport the needed functionality but no mention of their names or how to use them. I have a ton of memory available as show in the linker's memory map.


Also, what does the 0x0006 in the upper half of the error code mean?


Any help would be appreciated to get me past this hurdle.