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[Newbie] How to send signal using no-OS ?

Question asked by marcinsztajn on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by AdrianC


I am new to no-OS design and I want to ask experienced users how should I learn to achieve simple working system (using Vivado and SDK) for example generating sine waveform on specified frequency. I am using ZC706 + FMCOMMS3.

I want to admit that earlier I used  GNU Radio to building my flowgraphs.

I just don't know in which direction I should go and where to search informations for begginers.

I built a libraries from wiki.analog for my fmc card and in Vivado I can see complicated scheme with many block.

I wondered if I try to create my own block in Vivado HLS (e.g for multiply samples, whatever) I even do know know where to put it in this graph.

I will be very gratefull if anybody could show my a way how to start with no-OS and create a simple system based on IP cores from Vivado.

Thanks in advance!