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ADV7604 support for WVGA (800x480p60)

Question asked by JimC on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by JimC

We have a system with multiple ADV7604 based input cards. On power-up the card connected to one particular source (WVGA output) always produces a Green/Black output. This happens on multiple systems with different cards. Other inputs function normally and the cards in question function normally when connected to a different source. We know the following about this source:


1) The source does not supply +5V to our DVI interface.

2) The source does not read our EDID settings.

3) The source is outputting the following video format:

    DVI 24bpp, No CEA VIC, Progressive

    Horizontal active pixels = 800

    Horizontal total pixels = 840

    Horizontal frequency = 39.6KHz

    Pixel clock = 33.263MHz

    Horizontal sync = 6 pixels

    Horizontal front porch = 20 pixels

    Vertical active lines = 480

    Vertical total lines = 660

    Vertical frequency = 60Hz

    Vertical sync = 2 lines

    Vertical front porch = 173 lines


4) When we disconnect and reconnect the input, the video sometimes changes from green/black to full RGB with R and B swapped and sometime to full RGB with correct color.

5) We have tried Autographics mode with the following settings:

    PLL_DIV_RATIO = 840

    FR_LL = 723

    LCOUNT_MAX = 660

    CP_START_SAV = 16

    CP_START_EAV = 820

    CP_START_VBI = 488

    CP_END_VBI = 48


6) We convert everyting coming into the ADV7604 to YCrCb 4:2:2 for processing. One theory is that the color space converter or the 4:4:4 to 4:2:2 converter is losing information. We don't know how to verify this.


So far we have been unsuccessfull in getting the 7604 to correctly process this video. Can somebody make a suggestion on how to program the Autographics mode to process this video?