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We need to port linux on microblaze, what "off-chip" memories are required?

Question asked by piyushashtikar on Jul 26, 2016
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We are making a custom board based on Vertex7(Microblaze) & fmcomms5.

Our application requires us to port linux on it.

What are off-chip memories necessary for the purpose?


We need to boot linux each time on power-on and run out application.

So I believe we need a NOR-Flash for storing our linux elf file and a DDR3 for execution of kernel.


1:Sir, I want to ask are my assumptions correct?

2:Is there any other better way which serves the purpose?

3:In case we interface DDR3 and NOR-Flash can we disable the block-ram IP or does it serve some other purpose?



Piyush Ashtikar