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Fundamental Questions: ADCs, DACs, I2S

Question asked by rsbonini on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2011 by BrettG
I have a question which google (despite my trying) has not been able to answer.  I hope someone here with more knowledge than I would be gracious enough as to correct my understanding on the following point:
I2S data is converted and output by a DAC relative to that specific device's own 0dBFS level and as nothing to do with the voltage the signal was originally sampled at.
example:  If an ADC (0dBFS = 2.5Vpp) samples a 1Vpp signal and outputs this signal via I2S to a DAC (0dBFS = 5Vpp), the DAC would output an analog signal at 2Vpp.
Is this correct?