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Sigmastudio for sharc SC5XX can't output audio

Question asked by walkercc on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Brewster

My Pc Environment:

1.CCES v2.0.3

2.Sigmastudio 3.12.4

3.SS4S 3.7

4.SC589 ez-kit


From User Guide. first setup hawdware.

1.Set Boot Mode SW1 to Position 0 (No boot)

2.Connect emulator ice-1000, Connect sigmastudio spi to EZ-KIT p2 connector

3.Connect audio cable and  Power.


Software :

1.Open cces, and just create new debug session, and add 3 pre-built SC589 demo to core.and run.

2.Open sigmastudio and load mutexx example. load 2 pre-built core files ,  and link-download.


I'll do everything by user guide, but can't hear audio output.

Sometimes core1 dsp application run suspend. view asm code at "idle" line.





Another Question:

Why CCES can't resolve some defined struct ?