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I got a question about ADRF6850 & AD9265 interface circuit

Question asked by sarah on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2011 by TimM

hi i'm sarah


i'm looking for a making the Receiver


i select the chip of ADRF6850 & AD9265


so i need connection of ADRF6850(Receiver chip) & AD9265(ADC)


ADRF6850 have interner iq demodulator so it can offer the baseband signal , and it also got vcm voltage pin


the Common mode voltage range of the ADRF6850 VCM pin is 1.2~1.6 V


but VCM voltage range of AD9265 is maybe 0.85~1.1 V



1.2V VCM -> SNR is so bad


So, i wanna find how can i do




yesterday, i tested ADRF6850 evaluation board,


when i offer the 0.9V voltage at pin of ADRF6850 VCM pin (Actually VCM range in datasheet is 1.2~1.6V)


it's operating well


so i'm trying to interface the two chips


but i'm really worry about the problem that can occur


is it possible to operate well?


when i'm disign the circuit like that, what problem can i find?


and what's your recommendation ?


can you recommend the another ADC?


please reply quickly! thank you!