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Multichip Synchronization of two EVAL-ADR9371 kits

Question asked by Ianx on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by rejeesh

Goodday to all,


I have two EVAL-ADR9371 and ZC706 kits that I want to synchronize for evaluation (i.e. multichip synchronization of the AD9371's).

JESD204B allows me to synchronize my two AD9371 platforms given that I:

1 - Provide a common clock to both platforms,

2 - Provide a synchronized timing reference to both platforms.


The way I see it I can achieve (1) by hooking both EVAL-ADR9371 J401 REF_CLK_IN inputs up to the same external clock generator, given that the on-board AD9528 outputs are phase locked to the input (TBD).


What I don't understand is how I can implement (2) with these kits.


I had hoped that I could use J68 and J67 on the ZC706 boards (External Rx Trigger and External Tx Trigger - Figure 1 of the Mykonos Evaluation System Guide) to get the two kits to share synchronization pulses viz. connect a sync trigger source to kit 1 Rx Trigger and connect kit 1 Tx Trigger to kit 2 Rx Trigger.

Although indicated in figure 1, the evaluation system guide never mention these interfaces again. No traces on the internet either.

So after a quick inspection of the ZC706 source (pin assignment file in Github) it appears that the J68 and J67 interfaces are not implemented at all, leaving me wondering if it is possible to synchronize these two configurations...?


If possible at all, how can I synchronize two EVAL-ADR9371 kits ?


Your input is highly valued.