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ADV7626 HDCP Question

Question asked by WillH on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by WillH

Before we go ahead and become HDCP adopters and complete the design of our product using the ADV7626 I need to be sure that the ADV7626 can be operated as follows:


1. Encyrpted HDMI stream feed into HDMI_RX_A from e.g. Blue-Ray source.

2. Re-encrypt this data stream and send it out of the ADV7626 on HDMI_TX_A. (typically to an HDCP HDMI monitor)

3. The de-crypted version of this data stream will be fed out of the ADV7626 on HDMI_TX_B.



The de-crypted stream from HDMI_TX_B will be kept internal to our product for further customised processing before being re-encypted and transmitted by other means i.e. not over an HDMI link.