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ADRF6720 not working

Question asked by aesdes00 on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by jdobler

Hello, we are using ADRF6720 in a custom device, no EVALZ.


I cannot get the right RF frequency at output. I have 26Mhz ref input. I want 2500Mhz rf output.


Registers that I write are as follows:

adress: 0x00  data: 0x0001;

adress: 0x01  data: 0xf67f;

adress: 0x10  data: 0xf67f;

adress: 0x21  data: 0x0009;

adress: 0x22  data: 0x2a00;

adress: 0x49  data: 0x14b4;

adress: 0x02  data: 0x0060;

adress: 0x03  data: 0x2762;

adress: 0x04  data: 0xffff;

other registers remain default


I see 5000Mhz at the Rf output, not 2500Mhz. What is the problem?