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ADE7880: How to convert registers contain Harmonic values in to real world values

Question asked by kumar@efftronics on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by nchandra

In the datasheet, I have trouble with some parameters

1. Regarding RMS currents i.e., AIRMS, FIRMS &  HXIRMS registers.

AIRMS register contains total RMS current in phase A.

FIRMS register contains Fundamental component current of a particular phase.

HXIRMS register contains particular phase x-harmonic RMS current.

My doubt is

(a) The RMS current value in AIRMS register contains both fundamental & harmonic components or not.

(b) How to convert all these 3 registers value in to Real world values.

I know the procedure i.e., by applying a known current value we can calculate the amps/LSB. but the registers HXIRMS & AIRMS contains Harmonic components. so how to convert these values in to real world values