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Toggle modes for ad9361/ad9364 in linux iio_scope?

Question asked by piyushashtikar on Jul 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by piyushashtikar


We are designing a custom board similar to fmcomms5 with 6 ad9364.

I understand that ad9361/ad9364 are similar (only difference is number of channels), and software i.e iio_scope is same for both variants.

1:Now in No-OS we need to set two_rx_two_tx_mode_enable to 0, for using ad9364. I cannot find this flag in linux iio_scope.

What is equivalent flag in linux?


2:I just want to confirm what is the profile we will use for ad9364 is it FMComms4_test.ini or we can use FMComms5_test.ini?



Piyush Ashtikar