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AD9361 RSSI in AGC Fast attack mode

Question asked by Nahemoth on Jul 23, 2016
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I am receiving an OFDM signal (TDD mode) with the gain controller configured as AGC fast attack mode. It works fine, and after decoding the entire signal, the processor gets an interrupt saying that a message is ready to read. The problem comes when I want to register the RSSI of the received signal. The RSSI controller is configured in this way:


RSSI control:

rssi_delay: 1

rssi_duration: 32

rssi_restart_mode: 0

rssi_unit_is_rx_samples_enable: 0

rssi_wait : 1


Within the interrupt code I read the RSSI values, but I get noise values (-90 dBm), therefore it seems that the RSSI calculator losses the signal.


Am I using correctly the RSSI calculator?


Thanks in advance.