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ADAS1000 no DRDY upon conversion enable

Question asked by y.s on Jul 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by CatherineR

Hi all,


We're using ADAS-1000 EVM connected to Freescale/NXP K65 over SPI.

We're using the no-OS drivers and customization of ADAS1000_comm.c seems to be fine as the SPI communication is going back and forth correctly.

When calling ADAS1000_ReadData() after initialization sequence (without enabling conversion) the system seems to behave correctly and we're receiving DRDY signal and are able to read correct frames and CRCs.


When we try to enable conversion (ADAS1000_SetRegisterValue( ADAS1000_ECGCTL,0xE000AE) ), we stop receiving DRDY signal and no meaningful data is read.


Is there any sample code available using the ADAS1000.[ch] no-OS driver available to verify our sequence is correct ?