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AD9389B and HDCP with HP L2105

Question asked by cdb on Aug 3, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2011 by DaveD

I'm having some difficulty with getting a successful HDCP link between our products AD9389B and the HP L2105 touch screen monitor.


I'm trying to follow the flow diagram as shown in the AD9389B's documentation.  I get to the point where I start the HDCP request and I actually get an eventual response in register 0xc8[3:0] of 4 which indicates that a successful HDCP link has been established.  However after that I get an error interrupt in 0xc8[7:4] of 3 (Pj mismatch error).  I then get an interrupt indicating that I need to read the BKSVs again and I end up starting the whole sequence over again.


The puzzling thing is that my code works with all other HDCP monitors I've tried such as Vizio and Acer, but it won't work with this HP monitor.  Is there any information about what might be causing the Pj mismatch error and how to fix it?  I'm assuming its something I'm doing because this monitor works with blue ray players outputting HDCP signals.