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ADV7610: Removing vertical blanking period completely

Question asked by epos2 on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by GuenterL


I've connected an ADV7610 to a 720p video source. It is sending out a very nice YCbCr 16 bit stream to a processor, that is being captured relatively well. Video is fine, it's just shifted to the bottom of 20 pixels. Those 20 pixels are the vertical blanking period: the processor receiving the YCbCr input is ignoring the low data enable pin (that is working correctly), so data is saved starting from the blanking period (that I checked with a scope is indeed 20 lines).


I've tried to change the START_VS register, that allows for a reduction in the vertical blanking period, but I cannot reduce it to zero since that the adjustment is limited to +- 7 pixels.


Is there any other way to reduce or eliminate the vertical blanking period?


Thank You.