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AD9234 coplanar ground

Question asked by yka Employee on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by UmeshJ

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"We are trying to find a reliable way to manage signal Gnd return between a very wide bandwidth T & H and AD9234, through use of Grounded CPWs.  AD9234 has Pwr-S-S-Pwr arrangement of input lines, where we usually rely on Gnd-S-S-Gnd to preserve signal integrity at high frequency.  ADI’s pin arrangement can be more problematic if the source signal is delivered by a part with VDD that is different from 3.3V on AD9234 – Pwr and Gnd are both AC-ground and Pwr can be used for high-frequency ground return, but when AC-ground at one line end is at a different potential than at the at the other line end, we cannot easily preserve a uniform low-resistance return path for the sampled signal.  A non-uniform Gnd return induces signal distortion. 

   Has ADI investigated this issue at all, and if so, what is the recommended way to preserve signal ground return?"